2015 Q3 Treating Partners Fairly results to 30th September

These results are for the part of the year from January to September 2016

Repayment of Commitment Deposits:

1. Time to repay Commitment Deposits.
Our target is 100% within 1 working day.

Time to Pay Non Resident Partner Payment

1. Payments made to NR Partners  this year
Our target is 100% on due date

Time to Reply to Partner Enquiries:

1. Time to reply to partner enquiries (annual).
Our target is 90% within 1 working day.

Non-Compliance issues

1. Instances of Non-Compliance

Non-Compliance issues

2. Delivery of the CEO’s initial report 

Non-Compliance issues

2. Delivery of the CEO’s final report

Our Treating Partners Fairly Key Performance Indicators are:

  • Repayment of Deposits
  • Payment of NRP Payments
  • Communications with our Partners
  • Non Compliance with the Treating Partners Fairly Policy or Charter