Renting vs Buying your own home: You told us what really worries you.

We asked what you did not like about living in rented accommodation and buying your own home and you said:

  • Lack of security – as your tenancy nears the end of its term, do you worry that your landlord may evict you? Or increase your rent?

  • “Making a house into a home” is difficult when renting: that feeling that the landlord can enter your property almost at will.

  • Dealing with arrogant and insensitive estate agents.

  • House sellers arguing over price.

  • Finding a solicitors and dealing with all that legal-speak.

  • Arranging the many things that need to be done.

  • It’s lonely with no one “on your side”.

We listened, we heard you and we agree.

Joint Equity will be your partner, not your landlord.

  • You are the co-owner of the property. You have the legal right to stay in your home for as long as you desire.

  • All costs are known to you beforehand

  • Joint Equity offers a full negotiation service.
    There is no need for you to talk to an estate-agent or even the house seller should you not wish to. And of course, if we can negotiate a lower purchase price we both share in the gain!

  • Joint Equity have their own team of solicitors and financial advisors.
    All are highly experienced in the Joint Equity purchase process.

  • A Personal Joint Equity Manager is appointed to each and every new Resident Partner.
    They are available help, advise and discuss any matters, any time.

  • We are you Partner and definitely on your side
    We are with you when you look for and buy your home, when you live in your home and when you finally want to move and sell your Share.

Do you want to choose the house that will become your home?

  • We invest in properties up to a purchase price of £250,000 and maybe more in certain circumstances.
  • We operate in all English counties (and in Scotland hopefully soon).
    - There is no Government or housing association involvement.
    - You do not have to select from a list of “approved properties”.
    - You do not have to search in restricted areas.
    - You find the neighbourhood you want to live in, you select the exact property that you want to live in, and then we join forces with you to buy it.
  • You are the co-owner of the property. You have the legal right to stay in your home for as long as you desire.
  • Value-added improvements? If you wish to make them, Joint Equity will help financially
  • Property problems? Joint Equity have experts available to help and advise.
  • If you decide one day to move on, Joint Equity will almost certainly purchase your share, making it a fast and easy process for you.
  • However, we have no legal right to perform ‘property inspections’ or to enter your home unless you do not maintain your home.
  • All this and you benefit from the increase in the value of your home over time
  • With Joint Equity, we like to think that together we share the ownership of the property, but the security and privacy of living in the home is one hundred percent your own.
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