Are you eligible for the Joint Equity Scheme?

Can I become a Resident Partner?

Joint Equity has no real eligibility criteria for  Resident Partners, unlike housing associations, we do not target any one, type of home owner nor do we have lots of rules or constraints.  If you can afford to pay the mortgage and the partner payment on your new home, then we will most probably be able to help you.  Remember if you need a mortgage the lender will have affordability rules as well.

Any rules about what I can do?

Kids, dogs, cats who cares its your life and it will be your home. We are not a Housing Association and we do not have external restrictions if the deal makes money for you and  your Non Resident Partner then it will probably complete. Sorry we can not support home purchase outside the UK mainland at present.

What about Investors?

Our rules for Non Resident Partners are equally relaxed.  The rules are few and those that there are are to protect you and your  Resident Partner. You must declare where you are resident UK or Europe (and we may need proof of residency), and you also have to be able to afford your investment, but that is about it. If you like the numbers on any property, please reserve it as soon as possible.