Joint Equity Legal Disclaimers

About the Financial Services Authority, Regulation and Authorisation

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the body which authorises and regulates businesses and individuals that advise on and sell certain financial products, for example, insurance and mortgages.  Joint Equity  Ltd does not carry out any activity that is within any category of FSA-regulated activities. Therefore Joint Equity Ltd is not authorised to carry out any regulated activities by the FSA.. In addition, it is not possible for Joint Equity Ltd to apply for “voluntary” authorisation as there is no route for voluntary registration. The financial services regulations are very clear (and strict) if you carry out regulated activities you must be authorised if you don’t you cannot be regulated by the FSA.

The Joint Equity scheme falls outside the definition of regulated activities. However, where activities are within the scope of the FSA we only use fully FSA registered and regulated individuals and companies.

Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment you can make and we want you to be certain that Joint Equity  is the right option for you so recommend you research other options and consider talking to an independent  mortgage broker or financial advisor.

To maintain our open approach, and for the avoidance of any doubt, we would like to make it very clear to you that:

  1. Joint Equity Ltd is not a mortgage arranger or adviser under the terms of the Financial Services Act
  2. Mortgage advice is available to you by any FSA-regulated mortgage adviser. If you have difficulty in locating a suitable advisor  please contact the Owner Partner Team here
  3. There are no cross shareholdings between Joint Equity Ltd and any of the mortgage advisers that it deals with; and
  4. Joint Equity Ltd does not receive a fee from any of the mortgage advisers that it deals with.

The accuracy of the Joint Equity web site information

The information in this web site is as accurate as we can make it however, with over 100 pages some parts may become out of date despite our best efforts. If you find anything that you consider out of date, inaccurate or misleading we want to know and we will review it immediately. Please contact us here.

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