Joint Equity Videos

Joint Equity has a number of videos that provide information about Joint Equity and our services and products

Introducing home ownership through Joint Equity

A secure home without landlords or estate agents.
CEO of Joint Equity, Brad Bamfield, explains how people renting in the UK can afford to buy their own home by becoming a Joint Equity homeowner partner.

Ethical property ownership

The Additional Co-Owner’s perspective
Peter McLean shares why he went from buy-to-let investments to Joint Equity’s Co-Ownership scheme without landlords or estate agents.

Joint Equity You Tube channel

The Joint Equity videos are available through our You Tube channel.
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Our  video  The home owner’s perspective

Hear how Trudie Seenie – a homeowner through Joint Equity – came to own her home, without the hassle of agents or landlords, and enjoys a 50% share of the increase in property value…

Introduction to Joint Equity

By Brad Bamfield
Hear how Joint Equity helps people onto the property ladder, without the pain of buy-to-let.

A current Joint Equity property

A Joint Equity property in Halstead Essex.
All our properties are finished to this standard and ready to move in. We say “If you can afford to rent you can afford to buy with Joint Equity