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Site updated: 16/05/2014
The Joint Equity Scheme is for first-time buyers, home owners and Non Resident Partners (NRP).  
This site is developed and maintained by Joint Equity ltd. ©Joint Equity 2014
Joint Equity Ltd, its subsidiaries or associated companies, does not carry out any regulated activities or provide any financial or mortgage advice
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We recommend our prospective Resident Partners and NRPs seek independent advice from appropriately regulated advisors
The content of this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge and  for information only. We do not provide financial advice.

Joint Equity the alternative route to home ownership and ethical property investment

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Welcome to Joint Equity.  

Joint Equity shared home ownership the new ethical private ownership option for occupiers and co-owners.

The traditional options are for occupiers to get a mortgage direct from a lender. However, if you do not have a high enough income or deposit  you cannot and have to rent,  wasting your money every month.

But why rent when you can now buy & be a Joint Equity Owner?

And for anyone buying additional property, they had to become a landlord through Buy-to-Let, with diminishing returns, low Return on Investment (ROI), increasing burdens imposed by Government and with all the hassle and problems Buy-to-Let brings not to mention non payment of rent.

But why not avoid all this and become a Joint Equity Non Resident Partner and have the benefit of Ethical Ownership?

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Shared home ownership with Joint Equity.

Joint Equity, the ethical private shared home ownership, is different from the Government’s shared home  ownership, such as HomeBuy, more details here

Joint Equity & home ownership news

Ethical Investing

True Ethical or Socially Responsible Investment  (SRI), is difficult to achieve.

Buy to Let is anything but ethical, but Joint Equity  provides the only way to ethically own additional residential properties . More

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There is some confusion over Stamp Duty when buying a home especially if you are a First Time Buyer so we have added an explanatory page Here   
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46% of First Time Buyers consider Shared Home Ownership and Joint Equity
Almost half (46%) of first time buyers are considering turning to shared equity and shared ownership schemes to enable them to buy their first home, according to latest research from Lloyds TSB.  Of these, one in four (26%) said affordable housing schemes were their only option for getting onto the property ladder and they would not be able to buy a home otherwise.
One in four (24%) said it allowed or would allow them to buy in an area which would otherwise have been unaffordable.
The economic downturn has also had an impact on how people view affordable housing schemes, with one in six (15%) of first time buyers saying they would not have considered the schemes previously, but have changed their mind due to the economic conditions.
Eight in ten (81%) first-time buyers claim to have a basic or good understanding of shared ownership schemes, although this is less for shared equity schemes (64%).
Brad Bamfield CEO of Joint Equity said:
“Joint Equity and shared home ownership has become more established and understood.
Joint Equity Ltd is the leading UK provider in this field and providing Joint Equity homes as an affordable alternative to renting is our sole business model - its all we do.
Over the last 7 years Joint Equity has become a life style option for our Owner Partners which provides many advantages over other home ownership options and our vision is to help everyone leave renting and own their own home.” More    

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